Kissimmee Real Estate Changes Direction

Kissimmee Real Estate Changes Direction

Kissimmee, Florida, has for many years been the hub of the Walt Disney World area vacation home business. In and around Kissimmee, and the neighboring cities of Davenport, Haines City and Clermont, you will find upwards of 18,000 homes that are used solely as short term rental homes. Each home is licensed by the county for short term use, and most are owned as investment properties by absentee owners – many based overseas.

But now the Kissimmee Real Estate market is starting to see a major change of direction. Owners of vacation homes are feeling the pinch, as it becomes more and more difficult to fill bookings calendars in the face of increasing competition from new STR licensed homes. Rental rates are down, and occupancy rates are falling, too. The solution for many owners is to put their home on the market and to take the profit resulting from rising house prices in the area, which have increased by more than 50%. But this presents a problem. If the investment value of an STR home is conspicuously decreasing, who will buy

The answer lies in another major trend in Central Florida’s housing market – the increasing demand for residential properties. It is predicted that the area, and in particular Osceola County, will require 35,000 additional homes each year for several years to meet the demand for homes for the thousands of new residents that are flooding into Central Florida every week. In a classic ‘swings and roundabouts’ situation, the fallout from the short term vacation rental market will be taken up by the demand for more residential properties.

This will only work for a particular seller, though, if he is aware of the need to promote his home outside the STR market. Too many sellers are still thinking ‘inside the box’, and listing their home as a vacation property, emphasising, for example, that it is fully furnished and equipped for rentals, and that there are advance bookings in place. This doesn’t help bring it to the attention of a buyer who is looking for somewhere to live, as he probably already has a home-ful of furniture and doesn’t want to accommodate vacation renters after closing.

At Hightower Realty we encourage sellers of homes that are currently in the short term rental market to think about the broader market that is available to them now, to be prepared to be flexible in whether they sell the home furnished or strip it out first, and to consider re-housing any advance rental bookings that they have in place. Then everyone wins – the seller has immediately doubled the market potential for his home, and buyers have a clearer view of what would be a good property for them if it didn’t come with unwanted ‘baggage’.…

Investment in Property in Brazil an Overseas Investors guide

Investment in Property in Brazil an Overseas Investors guide

Brazil is hot property at the moment in terms of real estate investment. Overseas property investors are snapping up bargains in a rising market. The Brazilian government is spending large amounts of money promoting the north east of the country to tourists.

One of the largest airports in the world is currently being built in Natal, Brazil. The airport is to cope with the vastly increasing numbers of tourists visitng the area every year. Visitors from around the world have been visitng the area of Natal and Ponta Negra in ever greater numbers. In the years between 2002 and 2005 there was a 50 percent rise in visitors using Brazilian airports.

Values of property in Brazil are lower than many areas in Europe or the USA and offer good potential for investment. As overseas property investors realise the returns that are being made in Natal demand will become larger and values will increase even more.

Now it is very easy for property investors to visit their property investment in Brazil. There are plently of cheap flights from Europe year round making the investment ideal as a holiday property as well.

With the north east of Brazil experiencing a near perfect climate, sunshine and a stable temperature all year round speculating on your overseas property investment has become easier if you are attracted by good weather and a relaxed life style.

Many overseas property investors are looking to buy property in Natal and their investment has a chance to make good returns from the high demand for rental properties from tourists to Brazil.

Along with China and India Brazil is looking like becoming a big player in the world order in the future. If you want to make an investment in an overseas property market that is on the up then you can’t do much better than Brazil.

Overseas property investment is also very simple for investors looking to purchase property in Brazil as foreigners are fully entitled to own the freehold title of land and property.…

How to Buy a Timeshare

How to Buy a Timeshare

Buying a timeshare is a big decision. You’ll want to shop around for the best possible deal, but without sacrificing what you really want in timeshare ownership. It’s wise to evaluate various timeshare offers and the different types of ownership before making a decision.

Fixed or Floating Weeks

Fixed weeks are great if you generally know what week you’ll be vacationing in advance every year. With a fixed week timeshare, your timeshare will be available to you on the same week each year at the same location. On the other hand, if your vacation times change each year, you might consider a floating week or a vacation club with membership points.

Consider the exchange value of your week. Timeshare weeks are valued according to the time of the year – busy times being the highest value as well as holidays. If your week usually falls during slow times and you purchase it accordingly, the exchange value will be low each time you need to exchange the week. Timeshare weeks are typically exchanged with weeks of comparable value. If you feel you will be exchanging your week quite a bit, it might be wise to purchase a week of higher value to be on the safe side.

Also consider your ability to split a week if you desire to do this and the frequency of your timeshare use. You might only need a timeshare every other year. In this case, you might want to opt for an EOY (every other year) timeshare program. This program enables you to buy timeshares for less according to usage so that the unused weeks in between aren’t lost.

Right-to-Use versus Deeded Units

With a right-to-use timeshare, you don’t actually own part of the property. You only own a right to use the timeshare during your allotted time. You do not have rights of ownership if the property manager decides to quit or transfer. With deeded units, however, you are actually part owner of the property. You will own your timeshare even if the manager becomes defunct.

Benefits of Lockout Units

Some resorts offer lockout units, which are basically timeshare rooms that are divided into two subunits. The subunits may be occupied separately, which gives you more flexibility as to how you use the unit. You can occupy both subunits, or occupy only one while exchanging the other.

Timeshare Locations

If you plan to vacation at the same spot year after year, a timeshare can provide you with wonderful, luxurious accommodations each year. It guarantees you’ll be able to have an enjoyable vacation without paying exchange fees. If you plan to trade your timeshare location regularly, consider the purchase price and annual fees for doing so, and choose locations, weeks, and seasons that will provide the best possible exchange value.

When purchasing a timeshare, always consider the purchase price, annual fees, maintenance fees, and taxes for a unit. Also consider the estimated exchange fee if you plan to trade the unit often. Timeshare rentals can be taken into consideration if you don’t plan to use your week every year. Compare the costs of timeshare ownership with normal hotel rental rates for your family for similar condo accommodations. Weigh the pros and cons of each, and decide which will work best for your family and budget.

Timeshare ownership shouldn’t be taken lightly. You’ll want to take your time and study all your options carefully. Don’t be swayed by elaborate presentations as you view timeshare opportunities. Keep in mind that the representative’s goal is ultimately to sell timeshares. So naturally, the salesperson will be very persuasive. Look beyond the condo’s beauty and consider the bottom-line figures of how much it will cost and the benefits you will receive as a timeshare owner.

When shopping for timeshares, the Internet can be your best tool. Browse an online timeshare listing service to see what’s available in your favorite vacation area. A listing service usually helps people buy timeshares or sell timeshares objectively, and you can use the service to research properties and compare timeshare resale prices. Keep an open mind and consider all the opportunities before leaping into a timeshare commitment.…

How Just One Good Investment Can Make You Money Down The Line

How Just One Good Investment Can Make You Money Down The Line

The prospect of investing their money into something can fill many people with horror. Ideas that only the experts can succeed in such pursuits can put many people off. Whilst something like shares can prove to be a slightly trickier proposition, you really don’t need to be an expert to succeed here in the Dubai freehold property market! And when you do take that leap of faith it really can pay off in a big way in the future. That easy Well you do need to some knowledge of the market and what’s hot or not, but this can be achieved by just spending a little time looking over the market, and of course a good agent will be able to advise you in this regard.

I mean you only need to take a look at the Palm Jumeirah to see how just one property investment can pay off in a big way. Those who bought into Nakheel’s premium development at the very beginning are certainly smiling at the moment. The property here has increased in value several times over since the initial launch, with Signature villas here now costing several million and upwards. Investors here maybe were taking a risk. After all it’s arguable that the property boom really stared with the launch of the Palm Jumeirah. When people bought into the development the real estate market here was hardly established. Hard to believe now given the breathtaking rate of development that has taken place since. So those who took that calculate risk back in 2002 are now reaping the rewards. The good news is that purchases now come with much less risk given much improved property laws and proven global interest. You may not experience the huge premiums that have been seen on Palm property, but one investment can still be generate a good return on your money if you pick wisely.

There are plenty of other examples of developments that have proven equally profitable for those that invested there. The Burj Dubai, Emirates Hills, Jumeirah Beach Residence to name just a few. Whist it’s now much harder to route out and find a development that offers a good value for money investment in today’s market, we will be able to advise you as to what freehold property we think suits your needs best whilst offering good return in the future.…

How Commercial Real Estate Investing Limits Your Risks

How Commercial Real Estate Investing Limits Your Risks

How Alan Greenspan can jack up your Investing Risks

A couple of months ago the Stock Market did a major overnight Swoon….

Alan Greenspan said the R Word …. Recession

The Chinese stock market tanked while we were sleeping

Dow Jones lost 416 points as if falling right off a cliff

AND every other index around the world followed over the edge like so many lemmings

In the US alone over $583 Billion went POOF because one ex-government employee’s single remark.

The same pundits who wring their hands at such market swings tell their investors that direct Commercial Real Estate Investing is High Risk. That’s another R word getting plenty of play lately – Risk. Tell that to people who rode Enron and so many other stocks down to zero.

It is a great reminder of why you have to invest a portion of your portfolio in Real Estate and NOT stocks. Let’s count the ways.

You Can Calculate Profits Before You Buy

When you buy at the right price and execute on your business plan, you know what profit you will make when you buy.

You can research property values, expected rents and all the other variables involved and get a very good idea of the price you can sell at given the increase in cash flow you can force.

Monthly Cash Flow helps You Sleep Like a Baby

When you hold cash flowing commercial real estate you can sleep like a baby – no matter what anyone (including Mr. Greenspan) says.

That flow of cash comes from processes you can understand and predict. Rent minus expenses. AND you can raise the rents and lower the expenses to force appreciation of your property – that’s on top of the income… cool.

Leverage Like No Other Investment

You can buy $100 in property for $20 down and it doesn’t even have to be your money.

Just imagine going in to Merrill Lynch with $2000 from one of your investor friends and ask to buy $10,000 of stock. They flat out would not know how to respond.

Yet you can bring $200K of your investor’s cash to a deal and buy a $1M piece of investment property any day of the week.

Save On Your Taxes

Name me any other investment that can get you a tax write off year after year – for decades mind you – while it goes UP in value. You have to love Depreciation.

Compare that with Mutual Funds where you might even owe taxes in years where the fund lost money. That’s a real safe investment all right.

So when you are doing your due diligence and making the contacts that will bring a good piece of property into your portfolio, remember the unique benefits of Commercial Real Estate Investing and know you are eliminating some major risks to your wealth.

Forget the former Head of the FED and the market’s drop.

Take your leverage, your cash flow, your depreciation and the fact you can reach out and touch your asset …. all the way to the bank.

And at night, when you are ready for bed, you can forget about the market’s ups and downs and sleep well knowing your assets are in real estate.…

Guide To Buying Real Estate In Phoenix, Arizona

Guide To Buying Real Estate In Phoenix, Arizona

The unique feel and style to homes in Phoenix, Arizona has allured many home buyers over the years. Not only is it a popular place to call home for many people, it is also a seasonal retreat for Northerners looking for a warm place to call home from the long winters. There is something welcoming and relaxing about the Spanish style homes and warm colors. If you are moving to the sunny state, or if you are relocating and want to purchase a new home, you are sure to find what you are looking for in Phoenix, Arizona real estate.

From the carefree designs, to the elegant spread out estates, there is nothing that you could not find for real estate purchases. The city of Phoenix, Arizona welcomes many visitors each year, and is home to many a snowbird from the North during the winters. For this reason, there are a lot of time share properties available, as well as a lot of rental properties on the market. If you are interested in looking into a rental property, you can search for available properties online and see what is available. You can also check out the various time share properties that people share and are available at different times of the year.

With all of the recreational activities that are in Phoenix, Arizona, the golf courses are a popular place for desired real estate. There are a lot of different kinds of homes and properties for sale in the area that include apartments and trendy condos in the downtown district, or country estates and beautiful resort style homes out of town. The prices on real estate in the Phoenix area are varied depending on the amenities of the home, location and size of the home. Some of the areas and neighborhoods are nearby tourist attractions, and therefore the prices are higher than in other areas.

If you want to find real estate along one of the many beautiful golf courses, you can expect to find that your property taxes will generally be much higher than other locations. If you are looking to rent a time share, you can find them available through real estate companies and online. You can start your real estate search on the Internet by searching the MLS listings and finding all of the properties that are for sale. You can also get an idea of what the area is like, and what parts of the town you would like to look at some properties in. There are a lot of helpful real estate agents who will be happy to assist you in finding your new home.…